Apple Ads Wage War on Android

Apple Ads Wage War on Android
Apple has launched a series of aggressive advertisements that knock Android phone-makers' products.

(CCM) — Apple has launched a new salvo in its war with Android phone vendors by releasing a series of agressive new ads knocking them, Tech Times is reporting.

The first three of these ads compare the iPhone with "your phone" — which is assumed to be an Android phone — and make the case that iPhones are more secure, are better for the environment, and come with better support, than Android phones.

The final ad addresses the problem that some Android users may be reluctant to move to a device that runs a different mobile operating system by insisting that moving from an Android phone to any device in Apple's iPhone range is easy.

The ads follow a similar campaign launched last year, when Apple highlighted the supposed superiority of the iPhone over Android devices at handling music and photos, and in terms of privacy.

The ad campaign appears to have been launched to coincide with the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 in Barcelona, where Samsung and many other phone makers unveiled new Android products.

Apple had no new products to show off at MWC, having launched the iPhone 8 and 8+ and the flagship iPhone X in late 2017.

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