Waze Update Lets Carpoolers Get Choosy

Waze Update Lets Carpoolers Get Choosy
Carpoolers can now choose their Waze ride based on the star rating and gender of the driver.

(CCM) — Carpoolers can now be picky about who they share a ride with thanks to the latest update to Google's Waze Carpool app, the company has announced.

The app now allows users to select who they carpool with based on detailed profiles, star ratings, and connections like same workplace and mutual friends—along with price and distance off route, the company says.

Possible rides can also be filtered so users can choose only to carpool with co-workers, or to ride only with a driver of the same gender. Other filters will be introduced in the near future, the company promises. Waze Carpool users can also now attempt to make a match more likely by allowing multiple ride or drive requests to be issued at once.

The updates are likely a response to increased competition for shared rides from the likes of Uber and Lyft, both of which offer some degree of driver vetting and star ratings from users. By contrast, Waze Carpool drivers are regular commuters who are not subject to the same safety scrutiny.

Waze carpooling is different from Uber and Lyft in that riders do not pay drivers for the service. Instead they pay their share of the gas used during the ride.

The updated Waze Carpool app is available now for iOS and Android.

Image: © Waze.