Oculus Rifts Floored by Admin Error

Oculus Rifts Floored by Admin Error
Staff at Oculus Rift forgot to renew a digital certificate, rendering users' virtual reality headsets unusable.

(CCM) — Oculus Rift headset owners found themselves locked out of their virtual reality systems for almost a whole day because no one from the troubled company remembered to renew one of the security certificates for its software, the BBC reports.

Security certificates are used to ensure that software is not modified, perhaps by hackers, after it is released, and some computer systems will not run software which does not have a valid certificate.

After the certificate in question expired, owners started reporting on social media that the Oculus PC application would not run, rendering the headsets useless, according to the report. Owners who attempted to run the application received a message that the program was unable to reach Oculus' runtime service.

Oculus acknowledged the problem on Wednesday, but said that providing an update that would fix the problem was difficult because the expired certificate would prevent users from installing the update.

But today the company released an update that it would install and renew the certificate, allowing the main Oculus application to run again. The company has promised to provide store credit to any users "impacted" by the outage.

Image: © wavebreakmedia - Shutterstock.com