Apple Plans to Ditch the Notch

Apple Plans to Ditch the Notch
iPhones released from 2019 onwards will not feature an iPhone X-style 'notch,' according to a report.

(CCM) — Apple has decided to abandon the "notch" design in the screens of the next generation of iPhones, according to Korea IT News report.

The moves comes after a number of Chinese manufacturers, including Huawei, have launched Android phones which copy Apple's notch design to accommodate various front-facing sensors.

“Apple [has] decided to get rid of [the] notch design starting from 2019 models, and is having discussions with relevant companies,” a source said in the report. "It seems that Apple is planning to implement [a] full-screen that is more complete to its new iPhones."

In order to remove the notch Apple will either have to drop its Face ID technology, which appears unlikely, or find a way to enable its 3D sensor and camera technology to work through a device's display. The report suggests that Apple may either drill holes into OLED panels or use a "black matrix" area within the displays.

The report said that the displays of all the 2019 iPhones will use organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen technology.

Later this year Apple is expected to release three new iPhones which all use Face ID technology. Two will have OLED screens, while one will still use an older-style LED display.

Image: © Apple.