Google Assistant Gets Custom Commands

Google Assistant Gets Custom Commands
Google's latest update for Assistant will enable developers to add custom voice commands for their devices.

(CCM) — Shortly after rolling out Action for Google Assistant with support for seven new languages, Google will roll out yet another update for the service. According to a blog post by Google, the search engine giant is now preparing to introduce a feature that will enable developers to build device-specific commands for Google Assistant. Users will also now be able to access more media on their smart speakers and smartphones with Assistant, including news briefings, interactive stories, TV show clips, and relaxation sounds.

Before, developers were limited to adding just a handful of custom commands for their devices with Assistant integration. These custom commands were confined to apps that were created to control Assistant-paired devices. With the latest update, developers will now be able to build conversation-based actions for Assistant, and users will get a slew of new voice commands.

Google Assistant was first made available on smartphones and Google Home, but it can, now, be found on many other devices, including alarm clocks. The forthcoming update could result in an even wider adoption of Assistant.

Image: © Wikimedia.