Twitter Suspends 'Tweetdeckers'

Twitter Suspends 'Tweetdeckers'
Twitter acts on several popular accounts that were part of 'tweetdecking' groups.

(CCM) — Continuing its fight against so-called "tweetdeckers," Twitter has permanently suspended a group of popular accounts that were infamous for mass-retweeting or stealing tweets. According to a report, Twitter has nuked popular accounts like @Dory, @GirlPosts, @SoDamnTrue, Girl Code/@reiatabie, Common White Girl/@commonwhitegiri, @teenagernotes, @finah, @holyfag, and @memeprovider.

These handles were among some of the most popular accounts on Twitter, with many having followers in the millions. Twitter deleted these accounts because they were reported to be stealing other users' tweets without crediting them.

These accounts, and others like them, are known as "tweetdeckers" due to their practice of getting together in exclusive groups and mass-retweeting each other's tweets. This resulted in the accounts' ability to force a given topic to "go viral" on Twitter, often allowing them access to lucrative sponsorship deals with brands. Such practices come under violation of Twitter's spam policy, which does not allow users to "sell, purchase, or attempt to inflate account interactions artificially."

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