Firefox 59 Released with HLS Support

Firefox 59 Released with HLS Support
Mozilla’s Firefox browser has jumped to version 59 for Android and Desktop, geared with new features and privacy improvements.

(CCM) — Mozilla's popular browser, Firefox has released its version 59 for desktop and Android users. The new version brings a slew of new features and security enhancements for both platforms.

For desktop, browser updates include Private Browsing mode, enhanced privacy settings, faster webpage load times, new tools for cropping and annotating screenshots, and better placement of web pages on the home screen. For Android, the latest version comes with support for HLS protocol for websites that use it for streaming videos. The Android version of the browser, which is an app, now also includes support as an assist app to let users search for information by tapping the home button. For Firefox users on MacBook, the new version adds Off-Main-Thread Painting (OMTP) to achieve better graphics rendering. In addition to these features, the update also includes Real-Time Communication (RTC) capabilities and blocks to unknown websites from transmitting notifications.

Moreover, Firefox has announced the availability of a new beta version of Firefox Quantum for business users. It will be available to users starting Mar. 14, 2018.

Image: © Mozilla.