YouTube to Curb Hoaxes with Wikipedia

YouTube to Curb Hoaxes with Wikipedia
YouTube is now eying Wikipedia integration below videos to fight hoax and conspiracy videos.

(CCM) — YouTube has long been trying to locate and tackle popular conspiracy theory and hoax videos on its platform, starting with the creation of a team under "Intelligence Desk" consisting of 10,000 moderators to curb hoax videos. As even this team struggled to keep the conspiracy theories and hoaxes at bay, YouTube revealed at the SXSW media festival in Austin, Texas its plans to integrate Wikipedia to validate content in its videos.

This announcement comes just after YouTube suffered a major blow when a video depicting the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting incident as a conspiracy and deeming the survivors "crisis actors" was published on it. The incident shook YouTube and reminded it of its inability to stop such videos from appearing on its platform.

Susan Wojcicki, YouTube's CEO, said that YouTube describes the potential update as a text box underneath conspiracy theory videos, which will include an information source regarding the video title. For example, top moon landing conspiracy theories videos will consist of a link to a Wikipedia page in the text box underneath. However, Wikipedia's audience editing feature could prove to hurt the website's ability to act as an authentic source for information.

Image: © YouTube.