'Android Wear' Is Now 'Wear OS by Google'

'Android Wear' Is Now 'Wear OS by Google'
Google changed the name of its 'Android Wear' OS to 'Wear OS by Google' to make it more relevant for the platforms that it is compatible with.

(CCM) — Google's Android Wear has been rebranded by the company and will henceforth be known as Wear OS by Google. The rebranding of the system does not mark any change in the hardware or software, except for a new logo and a new website to accompany it. Instead, it appears to be a response to the OS' increasing compatibility with platforms beyond Android, including Apple's iOS.

Dennis Troper, Director of Product Management for Wear OS by Google, said of the change: "We're announcing a new name that better reflects our technology, vision, and most important of all - the people who wear our watches. We're now Wear OS by Google, a wearables operating system for everyone."

Alongside the announcement, Google has released a list of smartwatches that will be receiving the Wear OS update, which is expected to begin showing up on smartwatches and the mobile app in the next few weeks.

Image: © Google.