Apple Developing Revolutionary Screen

Apple Developing Revolutionary Screen
Apple is developing ultra-bright MicroLED screen technology at a secret facility near its headquarters.

(CCM) — Apple has established a secret facility in California to develop and manufacture next-generation MicroLED screens, a Bloomberg report has revealed.

MicroLED screens are brighter and use less battery power than the current Samsung-made OLED displays used in the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9, and they enable the manufacture of slimmer devices such as smartphones and smart watches.

However they have proved far more difficult to manufacture than OLED displays, and Apple is unlikely to be able to produce them at scale and at a reasonable cost for several years, according to the report. The first Apple product to feature a MicroLED display is likely to be a wearable device such as an Apple Watch, replacing the current screen which is made by LG Display, the report adds.

If Apple succeeds in developing MicroLED screens then it will have a significant advantage over its arch-rival Samsung, which is a leading manufacturer of OLED screens. It would also be the latest example of Apple bringing the design of key device components in-house, the report points out.

The stock prices of rival display makers such as Japan Display, Sharp, and Samsung all fell after Bloomberg reported Apple's screen development initiative.

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