Google Launches Instant Game Demos

Google Launches Instant Game Demos
Google Play Instant lets users try out new Android games without having to install them first.

(CCM) — Google hopes to tempt Android users into playing new games by making it easy to try them out without installing them first.

Its new Google Play Instant service allows users to browse the Google Play Store, the Google Play Games app, or websites, and simply tap a "Play" button. After a brief pause, a demo of the game will start to run automatically. Once the demo is complete there is nothing to uninstall, so the user can download and install the full game if they like the demo, or move on without leaving an icon in their app drawer.

Google is launching the service with just six games, including Final Fantasy XV and Clash Royale, but more will be added in the future, the company says.

Google Play Instant has been developed to tackle the problem of users being reluctant to wait for an app to download — even just for a few seconds — before they try it out. Early figures suggest that offering a "Play" button results in 25% more clicks on store listings pages, and 30% of users that try a Play Instant demo then go on to download the full app.

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