Apple Targets Schools with New iPads

Apple Targets Schools with New iPads
The company is going back to its educational roots with a new range of low-cost tablets, a report claims.

(CCM) — Apple is about to launch its opening salvo in a fight to regain its status as a leading player in the education market, according to a Bloomberg report.

Next week in Chicago Apple hopes to woo schools and colleges with a new range of low-cost iPads and educational software, according to sources quoted in the report. A new low-cost MacBook laptop is also on the horizon, although it will not be ready for next week's product launch.

Steve Jobs saw education as an important market in the early days of the company he co-founded, but in recent years Apple's share has dwindled. It accounted for just 17% of mobile computing shipments to American students in kindergarten through high school in the third quarter of 2017, according to the report, compared to the 60% commanded by Google's operating systems on Chromebooks and Android tablets. Laptops running Windows accounted for 22%.

Overall, the market for tablets is weak, with sales shrinking by about 7% in 2017. Apple leads the tablet market with about a 25% share, but iPads and MacBook sales are now dwarfed by sales of iPhones and other products and today account for less than 20% of Apple's overall revenues.

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