Uber Receives Self-Driving Car Test Ban

Uber Receives Self-Driving Car Test Ban
The future of autonomous vehicles has been plunged into doubt following a fatal collision with a pedestrian.

(CCM) — The governor of the state of Arizona has performed a U-turn on self-driving vehicle testing and has ordered the suspension of Uber's right to carry out autonomous vehicle trials, the BBC is reporting.

The move follows the death of a pedestrian who was stuck by one of Uber's test cars in darkness, and is in stark contrast to the governor's previous position, when he welcomed the company's self-driving fleet "with open arms and wide open roads," according to the report.

Uber started its tests in Arizona in 2016 after it was banned from carrying them out in San Francisco because it did not have the necessary permit.

Uber's car was using collision-avoidance sensors made by Velodyne, and the company says it is "baffled" by the accident because its sensors should be able to see in the dark, the BBC said.

Rival sensor-maker Intel said that its Mobileye technology would have been able to prevent the fatal accident, and the head of Google's autonomous car division said that its technology would also have been "able to handle" the situation which led to the fatal accident.

But for now the tide appears to have turned against the idea of allowing self-driving vehicle tests on public roads.

Image: © Volvo.