Huawei Launches See-in-the-Dark Camera

Huawei Launches See-in-the-Dark Camera
The P20 Pro uses artificial intelligence for photography.

(CCM) — Huawei's newest smartphone can take bright, crisp photos in near-darkness without the need for a flash using exposures as long as six seconds.

The P20 Pro applies artificial intelligence to the resulting images to ensure that pictures are sharp and smear-free, so the user doesn't need to steady the camera with a tripod when using long exposures, according to a BBC report.

The phone has three rear facing lenses, including a main sensor which offers a resolution of an astonishing 40 megapixels (MP). It then uses "light fusion" software to convert a 40 MP image into a 10 MP image with less unwanted visual "noise" in low light conditions.

Peter Gauden, a Huawei marketing manager, explained that the software is used "to combine four smaller pixels together to make a much larger pixel, and therefore enhance our capability of absorbing light into the sensor."

One of the other cameras is a 20 MP black-and-white sensor which can be used either for monochrome photography or to provide depth information and to highlight the main part of a composition by blurring the background of an image captured by the main sensor.

The third is an 8 MP telephoto sensor which can take hardware stabilized pictures at up to 3X zoom, or 5X zoom when used with a software-based digital zoom capability.

The P20 Pro is priced at approximately $1,115, but consumers may face difficulties buying one because Huawei has not decided when, or even if, the handset will go on sale in the U.S.

Image: © Huawei.