Palm Smartphone Comeback Planned

Palm Smartphone Comeback Planned
Verizon will start selling Palm branded Android devices before the end of 2018, a report claims.

(CCM) — Palm may be the latest smartphone brand to make a comeback after reports that Verizon is planning to sell the devices by the end of 2018.

Palm was a pioneer in the smartphone market with its Palm Treo handset, but the brand was killed off shortly after the company's assets were bought by HP in 2010.

But in 2015 China-based TCL bought the rights to make phones using the Palm name, and it now appears to be ready to relaunch the brand through the U.S.'s largest carrier.

Palm's final range of products used its own WebOS mobile operating system, but any new Palm devices are expected to use the open-source Android operating system.

"Palm was ahead of its time in trying to build a phone software platform using Web technology," Paul Mercer, Palm's former senior director of software in charge of the WebOS interface, told The New York Times in 2012. "Perhaps it never could have been executed because the technology wasn't there yet."

Palm is the third smartphone brand to be resurrected after facing a seemingly terminal decline. TCL bought the rights to produce phones using the Blackberry brand in 2017, while the rights to the venerable Nokia name were bought by a Finland-based company called HMD Global in 2016.

TCL also announced earlier this year that it plans to produce two new BlackBerry devices with QWERTY keyboards later in 2018.

Image: © Wikimedia.