Google Amps Up Home Mini Speaker

Google Amps Up Home Mini Speaker
The whole Google Home connected speaker range can now pair with Bluetooth speakers to improve sound quality.

(CCM) — Google's Home and Home Mini intelligent speakers are now more of a match for Amazon's Echo and Echo Dot, thanks to an update that allows them to play music through Bluetooth speakers.

The new feature addresses a perceived weakness in the Google Home Mini product, in particular that it does not offer great sound quality. "We brought this feature to life after hearing how much you wanted to amp up the sound with your Google Home Mini," Surbhi Kaul, a Google Home product manager, said in a blog post.

Owners can now pair a speaker with their Home device over Bluetooth using the Google Home app on their mobile device and set it as their default speaker. From then on the Home device will respond to spoken commands to play music by playing it back through the connected speaker. Users will also be able to control the volume of the speaker by talking to the connected Home device.

Owners can also add other Bluetooth speakers to a group using the Google Home app to provide multi-room audio, Kaul said.

"These features work across the entire Home family. Note you'll still need to talk to your Google Home device—not the connected Bluetooth speakers—for queries like asking questions, getting weather updates and using smart home commands," he added.

Image: © Google.