Giphy Stickers Make Instagram Comeback

Giphy Stickers Make Instagram Comeback
Instagram has re-enabled the ability to add animated GIF stickers from Giphy into Stories.

(CCM) — Animated GIF stickers are coming back to Instagram Stories with a bang following Instagram's decision to lift its Giphy ban from today, NDTV is reporting.

The Facebook-owned company, along with rival Snapchat, removed the ability to add GIF stickers from Giphy to Stories earlier this month following the discovery that Giphy had inadvertently let a racist animated GIF into its library.

Giphy acted quickly to remove the offending sticker after it was discovered, and the company says it has rechecked its entire library several time to ensure that no other inappropriate content has been overlooked.

"After investigation, a bug was found in our content moderation filters affecting stickers," a company spokesperson said. The company has also implemented "another level of Giphy moderation before each sticker is approved into the library. This is now a permanent addition to our moderation process," the spokesperson added.

Snapchat has not yet announced whether it plans to follow suit and re-enable Giphy GIF stickers on its service.

In a separate move, Instagram has made it easier for advertisers to post ads that have been optimized for the service. Single photos of videos of less than 15 seconds which are compliant with the aspect ratios of the Instagram feed will now automatically be adapted so that they can be posted in Instagram Stories as well.

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