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Apple Plans to Ditch Intel

Apple Plans to Ditch Intel
Apple Macs may be powered by processors designed in-house within three years, according to a report.

(CCM) — Apple is about to turn its back on chipmaker Intel and plans to start producing its own processors for its Mac computers as early as 2020, according to a Tech Times report.

The initiative, codenamed Kalamata, is part of a plan to make Apple's computers work more seamlessly with its iPads and iPhones, which are already powered by chips that are designed in-house. This is similar to the strategy that Microsoft adopted when it tried to make its Windows operating system span computers, tablets, and phones, but one which never caught on with phone users.

By using its own chips Apple would be able to develop its computers at its own pace and more tightly integrate its hardware and software. This may allow Apple to produce systems which are more stable and which offer better battery life. Ultimately Apple may hope to unify iOS and MacOS so that all devices can run the same applications.

If Apple does make the switch in 2020 it will come just 15 years after it abandoned the use of computer processors developed for it by IBM and Motorola in favor of Intel's chips.

Intel earns just 5% of its revenues from Apple, so it is unlikely to experience any significant financial shock if it loses Apple as a customer.

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