Office 365 Hardened Against Ransomware

Office 365 Hardened Against Ransomware
Office 365 users can now recover their files after being struck by a ransomware attack.

(CCM) — Microsoft has waged war on internet extortionists by adding ransomware protection to its Office 365 Home and Personal subscription services.

"Office 365 can now detect ransomware attacks and help you restore your OneDrive to a point before files were compromised, so you don’t have to submit to cybercriminal demands," Kirk Koenigsbauer, Microsoft's vice president for Office, announced in a blog post.

Ransomware encrypts users' files so that they can no longer be accessed, and then demands a ransom payment — usually in a crypto-currency such as Bitcoin — to decrypt them. But if Office 365 detects a ransomware attack in progress it will alert the user with an email, mobile, or desktop notification. The exact date and time of the attack will then be pre-selelected in Microsoft's OneDrive "Files Restore" feature, enabling the user to restore their files to a point in time before the attack so that the unencrypted versions of the files are available again.

The "Files Restore feature" in OneDrive can also be used to recover large numbers of files if they become corrupted or they are deleted accidentally.

The new ransomware protection features start rolling out today and will be available to all Office 365 subscribers soon, Koenigsbauer said.

Image: © Microsoft.