iOS 11.3 Bricks Display on iPhone 8

iOS 11.3 Bricks Display on iPhone 8
Apple’s iOS 11.3 update is reportedly breaking touch functionality for several iPhone 8 users who have recently gotten a screen repair.

(CCM) — Apple recently rolled out its iOS 11.3 update for all of its iOS devices, but the update seems to be causing issues for several iPhone 8 users. Reportedly, iPhone 8 users who have recently gotten their phone's screen repaired by a third-party vendor have lost the touch functionality of the screen since applying the update.

Reports indicate that, as of iOS 11.3, third-party displays on iPhones no longer function. The issue seems to be triggered by a custom microchip that is used by Apple to pair with the screen and is lacking in third-party displays. Without this chip-matching process, touch capability is disabled. The only apparent solution — outside of getting a screen repair at an Apple retailer — is that, when changing an iPhone screen, repairers must also change the microchip. For now, this issue only seems to be popping up for iPhone 8 users.

It is unclear whether Apple will fix this issue via a software update or not. Last year, a similar issue was reported for iPhone 7 Plus, after the iOS 11.0.3 update, which was later resolved by an Apple software patch. Although Apple has always recommended that its users go to its official retailers for repairs, many users still choose to go to third-party repair shops because of cost effectiveness.

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