Google Play Store Bans Fake ID Apps

Google Play Store Bans Fake ID Apps
Google’s Developer Policy Center has announced that it will be removing apps that promise fake ID generation.

(CCM) — Google is trying to make its Play Store a safer app download destination by blocking fake ID apps. In a recent blog post, the search engine giant states that it is disallowing apps that advertise fake ID creation. Most of these apps are bogged down with poor UI and mislead users with a promise that they can generate IDs such as social security numbers, passports, diplomas, credit cards, and driver's licenses.

In the post, Google wrote: "We don't allow apps that help users to mislead others, including, but not limited to, apps that generate or facilitate the generation of fake IDs. Any claim that an app is a "prank," "for entertainment purposes" (or other synonym) does not exempt an app from application of our policies."

Such apps may still be made available through third-party downloads, even after they are removed from Play Store. The Developer Policy Center at Google is currently gathering data on these apps to remove them collectively. The company is also taking similar action on apps that make changes to device settings without user's consent.

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