Google's Phone App to Tackle Spam Calls

Google's Phone App to Tackle Spam Calls
Google will soon roll out a direct-to-voicemail spam filtering feature to its Phone app to relieve users of spam callers.

(CCM) — Google's default Android app for calls, the Google Phone app, received a significant update in February 2018 that introduced several new features. The app will soon get another update, which will add an advanced spam filtering feature. However, the upcoming update will be limited to the default dialer on Pixel, Nexus, and Android One devices.

Since 2016, the Google Phone app has included a spam caller alert feature that would flash a red screen and messages like "Suspected spam caller" whenever a user received a call from a suspected spam phone number. The forthcoming update for the Phone app will bring an updated version of this feature, forwarding spam calls straight to voicemail. Users will be notified neither of the incoming call nor the missed call or voicemail left resulting from spam calls. These numbers will only be visible in the user's call history or voicemail count.

Google has confirmed that it will start rolling out the latest feature to all compatible phones, globally. Users who own one of these devices and are interested in having a sneak peek can do a test run of the feature by joining the beta program and becoming a tester. However, Google warns that beta users should expect some glitches as the feature is still in the development phase.

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