Donkey Kong Champ Stripped of Titles

Donkey Kong Champ Stripped of Titles
Billy Mitchell's Donkey Kong and Pac-Man records have been disqualified by Guinness World Records.

(CCM) — Billy Mitchell, the man credited with getting the highest ever score in the video games Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior, and Pac-Man, and the first to get a perfect score in Pac-Man, has been stripped of his Guinness World Record titles.

The move follows an investigation into his feats, which determined that his scores were not genuine, according to a Slash Gear report.

The investigation, carried out by Twin Galaxies — the organization that records video game high scores — found that the scores recorded by Mitchell had not been attained on a genuine arcade machine, as he had claimed.

It appears that he was actually playing the games on a Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME), which is against Twin Galaxy Rules, and a video of the record-breaking game of Donkey Kong shows transitions between levels which are not possible on an original arcade machine.

Guinness confirmed that Mitchell's scores have all been disqualified, according to the report. "Guinness World Records will look to update and find the appropriate holder of these records in the next few days," it said in a statement.

Mitchell earned the nickname "King of Kong," and was also featured in a 2007 documentary of the same name about the world of competitive video gaming.