Amazon Prime Reaches 100M Milestone

Amazon Prime Reaches 100M Milestone
Subscribers to Amazon's Prime service bought more than 5 billion items last year.

(CCM) — Amazon Prime's subscriber base has reached an astonishing level with more than 100 million people signed up to the service, Jeff Bezos, Amazon's chief executive and the world's richest man, said in the company's annual shareowner letter this week.

This is the first time that Amazon has ever revealed Prime membership numbers since the service was launched 13 years ago.

Bezos added that 2017 was Prime's strongest ever, with members ordering over five billion items worldwide and new members signing up at a higher rate than in any previous year.

He also said that Amazon Music, the company's streaming service which competes with Spotify and Apple Music, now has "tens of millions" of paying customers, and more than double the number just six months ago.

Bezos did not provide a precise figure, but the total number of Amazon Music subscribers is likely to be substantially less than Spotify's 70 million or Apple Music's 36 million.

During 2017, Amazon's Echo Dot and Fire TV stick were the best selling items of all categories and all manufacturers across all the company's websites around the world, Bezos said. In total the company sold "tens of millions" of the devices.

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