3D Touch to Be Dropped From New iPhones

3D Touch to Be Dropped From New iPhones
Apple may be forced to abandon its 3D Touch technology in an effort to cut iPhone costs.

(CCM) — Apple's 3D Touch technology will be dropped from future iPhone models as the company works to drive down costs, according to a Tech Times report.

Apple is likely to introduce three new iPhones in 2018, according to the report, including a 6.1-inch model with an LCD screen. This will have a new type of display which uses a technology called Cover Glass Sensor, instead of having touch sensors built into the display. The report says that Cover Glass Sensor screens will be lighter and less likely to break when dropped.

The problem for Apple is that the new technology will raise the cost of the screens by as much as $26, the report says, so Apple may have to cut 3D Touch from the phone to cut the overall cost of the device.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, believes that this may be the start of a general phase-out of 3D Touch across the iPhone range, and that by 2019 the technology will have disappeared completely.

3D Touch was first introduced in the iPhone 6S in 2015 after five years in development. It allows the phone to determine how hard the screen is being pressed and respond to soft and hard presses in different ways.

Image: © Denys Prykhodov - Shutterstock.com