Instagram Now Plays Spotify Songs

Instagram Now Plays Spotify Songs
Users can share clips from Spotify songs in their Stories thanks to an integration with the streaming service.

(CCM) — Instagram has just gained a number of powerful new features including the ability to share songs from Spotify and videos originally uploaded to GoPro in Stories, according to a Tech Times report. Users will not have to connect Instagram with these apps before sharing, and they will be able to share content from other apps as well in the near future.

The company is also introducing a range of new photo filters, and users will be able to access a specific set of filters based on the celebrity Instagram accounts that they follow. For example, if a user follows Ariana Grande they will be able to access filters for the singer's favorite lip gloss colors, according to the report. Users will also be able to try out filters used by their friends.

Following its introduction on Facebook and WhatsApp, Instagram has also introduced video chat to its platform. Users can start a video chat by tapping on the new camera icon on a direct messaging thread.

Instagram's "Explore" feature has also received some attention, and users are now presented with popular topics in a scrollable list. Clicking on a topic allows users to browse hashtags related to that topic.

Finally, Instagram has also introduced a new bullying filter which tries to automatically hide any comments which are intended to be upsetting.

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