LG's G7 Smartphone Thinks It's a Boombox

LG's G7 Smartphone Thinks It's a Boombox
LG's new phone is almost 40% louder than its predecessor and offers virtual 7.1 audio.

(CCM) — Most smartphone manufacturers largely ignore sound reproduction quality, but LG is betting that the audio capabilities of its G7 ThinQ will win plenty of admirers.

The new device, unveiled this week, incorporates what the company is calling a "boombox speaker." This allows it to play music loudly — almost 40% more loudly than last year's LG G6. The speaker achieves this high volume output by using the inside of the phone's case as a speaker cabinet.

The phone also uses a 32-bit Quad digital-to-analog converter (DAC) to provide clearer and higher-fidelity sound for wired headphones, according to a Tech Times report, as well as supporting DTS:X, a rival to Dolby Atmos, to create virtual 7.1 channel audio.

The G7 ThinQ also takes imaging seriously, and LG has equipped it with artificial intelligence technology which the company claims allows the camera's sensors to recognize different objects and vibrate when it does so. It can then optimize the contrast, saturation, and color automatically for that particular type of object. The phone's rear cameras are positioned vertically, with one offering a 16 MP wide angle view and the other a 16 MP standard view. The front camera is equipped with an 8 MP sensor.

LG has not yet announced pricing for the device, but it is expected to be available in June or July.

Image: © LG.