WhatsApp Plagued By ‘Black Dot’ Bug

WhatsApp Plagued By ‘Black Dot’ Bug
WhatsApp has been hit by a new bug which is being circulated in the form of a message.

(CCM) — WhatsApp seems to have run into a bug-related issue that may prove to be more than troublesome for users. According to a report, a new bug is being distributed on the instant messaging platform, which when opened could send the WhatsApp Android app crashing and even the entire Android ecosystem on the smartphone.

The report suggests that the bug-infested message that is being forwarded on WhatsApp includes hidden symbols in-between spaces. Tapping on the message results in the expansion of the hidden symbols, which overloads the app and even sends the OS into a boot mode. Such threatening messages are not limited to the Android platform though. iMessage on iOS has also encountered texts that sent the app crashing.

As for WhatsApp, the message in question is reportedly being forwarded in two variants. The first variant includes an ominous black dot that features a warning on what will happen if the message is opened. However, the Black Dot is being considered as bait for curious users who may open the message anyway. The second variant of the bugged message does not include a black dot or warning. Both the messages are rigged with hidden symbols that freeze the app.

Image: © bilciu - Shutterstock.com