Apple Removes Apps That Sell Data

Apple Removes Apps That Sell Data
Apple has started removing apps that have been found sharing user location data with third parties.

(CCM) — Apple is reportedly taking down apps that collect and illegally share location data of their users with third-parties. The Cupertino giant has taken this step to address the privacy concern that seems to be growing after Facebook's recent Cambridge Analytica scandal. With security threats being on the rise, Apple is attempting to shun the apps that misuse user information.

The company has also started sending out emails to developers who have been reported to be misusing user information and violating App Store Review Guidelines. Apple has highlighted sections 5.1.1 and 5.1.2 of its guidelines, which forbids apps from sharing user location data to third-parties without their permission. Developers of affected apps will be allowed to submit their apps for review after correcting the issue.

Apple has noted in addition to asking user permission for sharing location data; apps will also need to show them whether those data transfers were necessary for improving user data. As of now, Apple has not revealed the volume of apps that it has removed under its clean drive, but it seems to be done in a phase-wise manner.

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