Alexa Baby Name Popularity Plummets

Alexa Baby Name Popularity Plummets
Parents are proving reluctant to give their children the same names as intelligent assistants.

(CCM) — The ubiquity of Amazon's Alexa intelligent assistant appears to have caused the popularity of Alexa as a name for baby girls to plummet in the U.S., according to a Recode report.

In 2015, the year that Amazon's Echo speaker was first released with Alexa built in, 6,050 babies — or 311 out of every 100,000 girls — was named Alexa, the report says.

But the latest figures from the Social Security Administration found that this number has crashed to just 3,883 girls, a drop of about one third.

Apple's Siri intelligent assistant has had the same effect on the popularity of the name for baby girls. The number of newborns given the name Siri has fallen off a cliff since the intelligent assistant's launch in 2011, dropping over 80% from six girls per 100,000 to one per 100,000. Last year just 20 baby girls were named Siri.

The reason for the precipitous declines is not clear cut. It may be that people are bored with the names, or that they now associate the names with intelligent assistants rather than real people, or it may be that they are simply worried that their intelligent assistants will respond every time they use their child's name and ask them a question.

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