Apple In Powerbeats Battery Life Fracas

Apple In Powerbeats Battery Life Fracas
The company is facing legal challenges over the alleged poor battery performance of its Powerbeats headphones.

(CCM) — Apple has found itself in legal hot water over its claims for the battery life of its Powerbeats headphones, according to a BBC report.

Seven customers from around the U.S. say that they have all had several sets of Powerbeats headphones, and none of their batteries lasted as long as they were supposed to. Apple sold its Powerbeats 2 headphones as having "six hours rechargeable battery" and Powerbeats 3 as having "up to 12 hour battery life," according to the report.

Apple requested that the legal claims be dismissed, but a judge has decided that legal action against the company on this matter can proceed.

The customers were also challenging Apple because they believed that the headphones were not sweat-proof, despite Apple's advertisements showing people using the headphones while working up a sweat during vigorous exercise routines. A number of customers found that their headphones stopped working after exercise, and one was specifically told by an Apple service representative that the probable cause of the problem was "sweat damaging the Powerbeats," the report says.

The judge said that customers' claims about sweating will "require amendment" before that part of their legal challenge can proceed because they had not explicitly stated that they had been sweating while wearing the headphones.

Apple's Powerbeat 3 headphones have a 1.5 star rating in the Apple Store from its customers, with several complaining that they are not suitable for use during strenuous exercise because of the potential for sweat damage.

Image: © Apple