BMW Car Software Riddled With Flaws

BMW Car Software Riddled With Flaws
Hackers could take partial control of moving vehicles using the flaws discovered by security experts.

(CCM) — Chinese security experts have discovered 14 separate flaws in BMW's car computer software which could allow hackers to take partial control of affected vehicles while they are being driven, according to a BBC report.

This could be achieved using the vehicles' own mobile data links or using a Bluetooth connection, the report says.

"Technically speaking, it's possible to launch the attack from hundreds of metres, even when the car is in the driving mode," the researchers from Keen Lab, a division of Chinese technology company Tencent, said. They added that hackers could then create "backdoors" into the software systems which they could use to inject diagnostic messages would affect the driver's control.

Keen Lab has shown its findings to BMW, which is working on fixes. Owners of affected vehicles, which include some of its i, X, 3, 5, and 7 Series models are advised to look out for software updates over the coming months.

"We have been working closely with Tencent for months to understand and address any cyber-security issues," a spokesman for BMW said in the report.

Keen Lab has promised not to publish full details of the flaws until the beginning of next year, to ensure that BMW has reasonable time to remove them.

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