Instagram Introduces Post Muting

Instagram Introduces Post Muting
The new feature provides users with more control over the content of their feeds, the company says.

(CCM) — Instagram has introduced a new feature which lets users hide posts from selected accounts in their feed without going as far as unfollowing them.

The "Mute" feature, unveiled in a company blog post, allows users to control the content of their feeds, while stilling seeing posts from muted users on their own profile pages. Users will still get notified about comments on posts they are tagged in from a muted user, the company said.

Muted users will not be aware that they have been muted, and they can be unmuted at any time so that their posts reappear in the feed.

Muting a user is as simple as tapping on the … menu in the top right corner of the post and choosing whether to mute posts only, or posts and stories as well. Posts and stories can also be muted by pressing and holding a story in the tray, or from a profile.

The new "mute" feature will be rolled out to users around the world in the coming weeks.

The company added that it has also updated its Help Center to provide more useful information about changes that were made to the browsing experience in Feed over the last few months.

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