London Street Musicians Go Cashless

London Street Musicians Go Cashless
A PayPal company is enabling buskers to accept 'tap-to-pay' credit card donations.

(CCM) — Buskers in London can now join a cashless payment scheme, enabling them to accept contactless card payments from appreciative passers-bys for the music they make, the BBC is reporting.

The scheme, which was launched by the organization Busk in London in partnership with the PayPal-owned payments company iZettle, is being rolled out across the city following a successful trial period in what is believed to be a world first for London.

Charlotte Campbell, a street musician who trialed the system by allowing contactless card holders to make fixed £2 ($2.66) "tap to donate" payments while passing, said that the payment scheme had had a significant positive impact on her takings.

"More people than ever tap-to-donate whilst I sing, and often, when one person does, another follows," she said in the report.

However Campbell still accepts traditional donations of coins or even notes in return for playing her guitar on London's streets

The London street musician payment system uses a contactless card reader which is plugged in to a smartphone to provide connectivity with credit card networks.

iZettle was founded in Sweden in 2010 as a supplier of credit card readers and was acquired by PayPal in May 2018 for $2.2 billion.

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