Apple Plans All-OLED 2019 iPhone Lineup

Apple Plans All-OLED 2019 iPhone Lineup
LED display makers' shares have dipped on reports that Apple wants to move to OLED displays next year.

(CCM) — Apple is planning to ditch LED displays and offer next-generation OLED screens across its entire iPhone range next year, according to a report which was published in South Korea's Electronic Times.

However, many market analysts are skeptical that the company will be able to achieve this goal because OLED screens are in short supply and are more expensive that their LED counterparts.

Samsung supplies the OLED displays for Apple's iPhone X, but it also makes them for its own smartphones, limiting the supply. The other major OLED screen manufacturer is LG Display, but it can only make about ten million screens per year, according to Bloomberg.

"Ultimately, the plan is for Apple to go full OLED on its iPhones as far as I know but whether that’s going to happen at this point is a question mark,” Jerry Kang, a senior principal analyst at IHS Markit, said in the report. "Apple hasn’t been able to expand on its iPhone X production because of market demand and price issues," he added.

In the longer term Apple may break its dependency on Samsung by switching to displays that use its own MicroLED technology. Currently under development, MicroLED screens offer the prospect of brighter, thinner, and more energy-efficient devices.

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