HP Headset Helps Gamers Keep Cool

HP Headset Helps Gamers Keep Cool
The HP Mindframe headset has a built-in cooling system to keep wearers comfortable during long gaming sessions.

(CCM) — HP's new Mindframe gaming headset keeps wearers cool-headed thanks to its built-in active cooling system, according to a Tech Times report.

The company's research shows that almost half of all gamers complain that gaming headsets are uncomfortable because of the heat they generate. So it has integrated a thermoelectric device inside each earcup to conduct heat away from the acoustic chamber into the air outside.

As well as the cooling feature, the Mindframe headset also includes RGB LED lighting, headset-mounted volume controls, a flip-to-mute microphone, and high quality audio reproduction with DTS:X and 7.1 surround sound, according to the report.

The headset, which was unveiled at the HP Gaming Festival in Beijing, is part of HP's Omen gaming lineup, which the company is promoting heavily in the marketplace as a credible gaming brand. This lineup includes the Omen gaming laptop, the Sequencer gaming keyboard, and the Reactor gaming mouse.

These will be released in July, priced at $979 for the laptop, $179 for the keyboard, and $79 for the mouse. HP has yet to confirm the release date and price for the Mindframe headset, but it is likely to be on sale in or soon after the end of July.

Image: © HP.