Chrome Hastens Passwords' Demise

Chrome Hastens Passwords' Demise
The latest version of Google's web browser supports the new Web Authentication standards.

(CCM) — Google has made a giant step towards killing off website passwords with the introduction of the latest version of its Chrome desktop browser.

Chrome 67, which will be released in the coming days, incorporates the new Web Authentication standards released in April 2018 by the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), two international organizations that develop web security standards. These standards allow users to sign in to web sites without the need to remember a password, according to a Fortune report.

Instead, users will be able to use biometric systems such as the fingerprint readers built in to many laptops, or authenticators such as security keys or app-based authenticators running on a smartphone.

Microsoft and Mozilla have also committed to using the Web Authentication standards in their Edge and Firefox web browsers, but unlike Google and Mozilla, Microsoft has yet to release a version of Edge which supports them.

Chrome 67 also introduces a feature called "Site Isolation" which keeps browsing sessions in different tabs completely isolated from each other to prevent data in one tab "leaking" into another. This also provides protection against the Spectre security vulnerability which is present in some computer chips, according to Google.

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