Teens Turning Their Backs on Facebook

Teens Turning Their Backs on Facebook
Facebook's popularity among the next generation of young American adults is declining rapidly.

(CCM) — Facebook appears to be heading for a similar fate as Yahoo! because it is hurtling towards irrelevance among teens, new data from Pew Research Center reveals.

Three years ago Pew found that Facebook was by far the most popular social media platform for teens, with 71% saying that they used it, compared to 52% who used (Facebook-owned) Instagram and 41% who used Snapchat.

But today just 51% of U.S. teens use Facebook, compared to 69% who use Snapchat and 72% who use Instagram. Although Instagram is marginally more popular than Snapchat in terms of the numbers that use the service, 35% say they use Snapchat most often, compared to 32% that use Instagram most often, and just 10% that use Facebook most often.

These numbers will come as a stark warning to Facebook: although its user numbers are growing in developing countries, the next generation of young adult Americans looks set to ignore the company's flagship social network, and its Instagram platform faces stiff competition from Snapchat and others.

Perhaps more worryingly from a financial perspective, Pew's data also shows that the teens that are still using Facebook come from lower income brackets, while usage by teens from households earning $75,000 or more is down to just 36%.

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