Samsung Users Miss Out on Updates

Samsung Users Miss Out on Updates
Samsung has overcome a bid to force it to provide smartphone software updates for four years.

(CCM) — Samsung will not be forced to provide security software updates for its Galaxy and other Android phones, after a consumer group in the Netherlands lost a court battle with the South Korean electronics giant.

The group was trying to get the court to rule that Samsung should provide software updates for its phones for at least four years from the date they first go on sale or two years from when they are last sold.

The dispute stems from the fact that Google regularly updates the Android operating system to fix security flaws and bugs as well as to introduce new features. But it is up to phone makers like Samsung to test the updates and distribute the updates to its customers. The consumer group argued that Samsung does not distribute these important updates in a "timely" fashion and some handsets do not receive them at all, according to a BBC report.

But Samsung said that it issued updates in a "reasonable" timeframe, after carrying out compatibility tests, according to the report. The company also said that it guaranteed that it would provide software updates for two years from the data that a handset first goes on sale in the country.

Image: © Samsung.