Facebook Abandons Trending News

Facebook Abandons Trending News
The company is experimenting with new ways to present news videos to users on mobile devices.

(CCM) — Facebook is dropping its Trending section from the News Feed "to make way for future news experiences on Facebook," Alex Hardiman, the social network's head of news products, has announced.

Trending has been something of a failure for Facebook, accounting for less than 1.5% of clicks to news publishers on average, Hardiman explained. It was only ever introduced in five countries since its launch in 2014 – partly as a response to accusations that Facebook was a source of "fake news."

Trending will be removed next week, along with products and third-party partner integrations that rely on the Trends API, he added.

In its place Facebook is testing several new sections that acknowledge the fact that Facebook users increasingly consume news on mobile devices, and often through news videos.

The sections and new features under test include a "breaking news" flag on posts from publishers across North America, South America, Europe, India, and Australia, and breaking news notifications to go with them.

Facebook is also testing a "Today In" section that provides local news from publishers in the user's city as well as updates from local officials and organizations, and news videos in the Facebook Watch section (in the U.S. only) offering live coverage, daily news briefings, and weekly in-depth features which are exclusive to Watch.

Image: © OlegDoroshin - Shutterstock.com