Apple Spills the Beans on iOS 12

Apple Spills the Beans on iOS 12
The new version of Apple's mobile operating system will be faster and provides Siri with new powers.

(CCM) — Better performance, a more useful Siri, and new augmented reality powers are just some of the new features in iOS 12 that Apple showcased at its Word Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Jose on Monday.

Once a device is running the new operating system, Apple promised that apps will launch twice as fast, the keyboard will appear 50% faster, and the camera will launch 70% faster. The software can also speed up the CPU when high performance is needed, and then slow it back down to preserve battery life.

The company also introduced a new feature called "Shortcuts" which allows developers to integrate their apps with Siri so that users can issue voice commands to Siri to control them. As an example, Apple showed the Tile app integrated with Siri so that a user can say "Hey Siri, I lost my keys" to tell Siri to make Tile locate them.

Apple has developed a new Augmented Reality file format with Pixar called Universal Scene Description which allows developers to package all the information such as animations, images, and sounds needed for an augmented reality application into a single file. This will work in iOS with apps including Safari, Messages, and Mail. The company also demonstrated a new app called "Measure" which is built in to iOS 12, and which allows users to measure the approximate length of objects using augmented reality .

One other new feature introduced in iOS 12 is "Group Facetime": the ability to carry out encrypted group video calls in Facetime with up to 31 other people at the same time.

iOS 12 developer beta is available to paid Apple developers now, and the final version will be made publicly available "this fall" as a free update and most likely also pre-installed on new iPhones and iPads.

Image: © Apple.