Hackers Offer Fake Fortnite Android Apps

Hackers Offer Fake Fortnite Android Apps
Fake 'beta' versions of Fortnite for Android are infested with malware, gamers have been warned.

(CCM) — Fake Fortnite Android apps, which are riddled with viruses and spyware, are being pushed onto unsuspecting gamers from websites run by criminals, according to a Tech Times report.

Fortnite is currently the world's most popular game, surpassing even the likes of Pokemon Go and Minecraft. But hackers are exploiting the fact that although a version has been released for iOS there is currently no Android version available.

The fraudulent websites which claim to offer "beta" or test versions of Fortnite for Android began to surface over the last fortnight. A YouTube video, which has now been removed, also offered a supposed beta version of the app.

But the app, and other files that users were told to download in order to unlock the app, have been found to be malicious. One file can easily gain access to the user's personal details stored on their device, make calls, send text messages, and even take pictures and record sounds picked up by the device's microphone, according to the report.

Epic Games plans to release the official Fortnite Android app later this summer, and users have been advised that once released it should only be downloaded from the Google Play Store or other official channels to avoid the risk of inadvertently infecting their devices with malware.

Image: © Epic Games.