Intel Tech Enables Long Life Laptops

Intel Tech Enables Long Life Laptops
The company is working on low power screen technology which will enable laptops with 28-hour battery life.

(CCM) — Intel is working on a revolutionary new screen technology which will pave the way for laptops with 28-hour battery life, the company announced at the Computex trade show in Taipei.

The company is developing what it calls Intel Low Power Display Technology, which will be used in LCD panels manufactured by Sharp and Innolux. These panels will consume just one watt of power — about half the consumption of current LCD screens.

"Through continued innovation with the industry, we expect to deliver an additional four to eight hours of local (non-streamed) video playback – that means battery life could be up to 28 hours on some devices," said Gregory Bryant, Intel's general manager of client computing.

Watching videos which are streamed over the internet involves much higher overall power consumption than viewing ones which are stored on the computer's internal storage system, which explains why Bryant specified "local video playback."

Intel will also use several other power saving techniques to try to achieve such long battery life, including reducing the screen's brightness.

The company has provided no specific timeline for when the new low-power screens will be available in laptops or how much they will cost, but the signs are promising the fully fledged laptop computers may soon have longer battery lives than today's tablets and Chromebooks.

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