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Sprint Offers $15 Unlimited Plan

Sprint Offers $15 Unlimited Plan
The new unlimited plan is very low cost, but has a number of limitations on data usage

(CCM) — Sprint has introduced a $15 unlimited cellphone plan for a limited time in a bid to lure customers from its competitors ahead of its proposed merger with T-mobile.

The $15 monthly fee does not include tax, surcharges and roaming, but the plan is believed to be the lowest cost unlimited plan available in the U.S.

The Unlimited Kickstart plan offers unlimited calls, text messages, and 4G LTE data. But there are limitations on data use: video streams are restricted to 480p resolution, music streams are limited to 500 kbps, and game streams to 2 Mbps. Plan users' data will also be "deprioritized" during busy periods.

The company has not said how long the plan will be available for, but a spokesman for the company said that it would only last "weeks, not months."

This is the second time that Sprint has launched an aggressive big to increase its market share at the expense of its competitors: last year the company launched a plan offering unlimited data, texts, and calls for a year to customers who switched from Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile for a $42.99 one-off charge plus a $1.99 "administration fee."

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This may seem OK, but let me tell you a short story...
Sprint doesn't seem to care where it sends it's customer's bills! I have continuously received an account for a lady in America, (I live in Australia) and even though I got in touch with her and told her plus have left numerous messages with the only contact I could find for them, they STILL insist on sending me her bill!

This message is from Brian Collin JP (Qual) in Australia

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