Uber AI Identifies Drunkards

Uber AI Identifies Drunkards
The company has filed a patent for software that could warn drivers that potential passengers may be inebriated.

(CCM) — Anyone calling it a night after one too many drinks may soon find it hard to get an Uber home. That is because the company is considering using artificial intelligence (AI) to try to establish how drunk a potential passenger may be when they use the company's app to hail a ride.

The AI would use information such as how accurately they are typing and even the angle that they are holding their phone to make a judgement about their state of inebriation, and then pass this on to drivers, according to a BBC report. The drivers could then make a decision about whether they want to pick the passenger up or not.

Uber has filed a patent for the technology, but stressed in a statement that it may never be implemented. "We are always exploring ways that our technology can help improve the Uber experience for riders and drivers," the company said. "We file patent applications on many ideas, but not all of them actually become products or features."

Some commentators have warned that the technology, if implemented in the Uber app, could be used by some drivers to deliberately target women when they are drunk and therefore more vulnerable.

Image: © Shou - Shutterstock.com