Intel Targets 2020 for Graphics Chip

Intel Targets 2020 for Graphics Chip
Intel is aiming to break AMD and Nvidia's hold on the graphics processor market within three years.

(CCM) — Intel is planning an assault on the graphics processor market currently dominated by Nvidia and AMD, with its first dedicated graphics chip slated for release in 2020, according to a MarketWatch report. The company will design graphics chips for a variety of applications including data center computing, artificial intelligence, bitcoin mining, and consumer gaming.

The move follows the recruitment in November 2017 of chip guru Raja Koduri, who was previously in charge of the graphics processor initiative at AMD.

A typical development cycle for something as complex as a graphics chip is about three years, so for Intel to form a team and develop a new graphics processor unit (GPU) architecture from scratch the 2020 target is aggressive.

Ryan Shrout, an analyst at Shrout Research, believes that Intel will initially try to produce a graphics chip which offers performance and efficiency characteristics which are within 20% of those offered by Nvidia and AMD.

In the longer term the company is likely to seek to dominate the graphics chip market in the same way that it dominates the server, desktop, and laptop general processor market, stealing market share from AMD and Nvidia along the way.

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