Sony Angers Fortnite Fans at E3

Sony Angers Fortnite Fans at E3
Fortnite players have started a campaign to get Sony to drop its block on cross-console Fortnite gaming.

(CCM) — Sony is facing a backlash from furious Fortnite fans for stopping PlayStation owners from playing the game against owners of other consoles, such as the Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, according to a BBC report.

Microsoft and Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite, have said that Sony has put technical measures in place to prevent cross-play with other consoles, and it has done the same thing in the past to block Minecraft and Rocket League, the report says.

The block also means that gamers who sign up for a Fortnite account on a PlayStation are blocked from using the same account on the Switch, which is intended to portable and is therefore often purchased as a second games console.

This means that they are unable to use items they have purchased within the game on a PlayStation, and awards that they have earned, when they are out and about with their Switch. By contrast, Xbox One users can log in to the same account on a Switch and access all their in-game purchases and awards.

Irate Fortnite players have begun a campaign to get Sony to remove the block by responding to all of Sony's E3 Twitter and Facebook posts about new games with demands that they be allowed to share their Fortnite logins and enjoy cross-console play, the report says.

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