Donkey Kong Barrels Onto Nintendo Switch

Donkey Kong Barrels Onto Nintendo Switch
Nintendo surprised the world by releasing the original Mario game at E3.

(CCM) — Donkey Kong, the classic platform game from 1981 which introduced Mario the plumber, has been released for Nintendo's Switch console as part of the company's Arcade Archives line. The title is available from the Nintendo eShop after a surprise launch at E3.

The Arcade Archives edition of the classic title includes three versions: the original Donkey Kong arcade game which was released in Japan, the second version which included a number of bug fixes, and the version which was released in the U.S., which presents the levels in a different order to the original. Players can choose between the standard high score mode, and a "redemption" style system which limits each game to five minutes.

Nintendo also announced the release of an extremely rare arcade game called Sky Skipper, which was tested in the U.S. but never released nationwide. The game involves a pilot called Mr You, whose job it is to rescue the royal family, who look like playing cards. The game software was rescued from a chip on a circuit board in the only known original Sky Skipper arcade cabinet still in existence, according to the company.

Arcade Archive Donkey Kong is available now for $7.99. Sky Skipper will be available in July 2018, with pricing yet to be announced.