Amazon Ditches Mayday Video Tech Support

Amazon Ditches Mayday Video Tech Support
Fire tablet owners will no longer be able to summon help at the touch of a button.

(CCM) — Amazon is abandoning "Mayday," the innovative technical support feature for its Fire devices which it introduced in 2014.

Using Mayday, Amazon Fire tablet users can establish a live video link with a technical support expert from their device with a single button press. The expert can access the device's screen to help diagnose problems, and can then provide verbal instructions to fix the problem, or simply fix it for the user remotely.

But now Amazon has announced that the Mayday video calling service will be discontinued at some time in June 2018. No reason has been given for shuttering the service.

"You can still contact Amazon customer service any time through Phone, Email, and Chat," the company said in its announcement. Technical support staff contacted in this way will be able to fix problems using the Mayday Screen Sharing capabilities, the company added.

Amazon has been developing its Alexa intelligent assistant technology over the last few years, and the company may now be hoping that in the near future this technology will provide a far more cost effective way of offering technical support than by using video technology and real people who need to be paid a salary.

Image: © Amazon.