Pokémon GO Introduces Trading

Pokémon GO Introduces Trading
Players will be able to swap monsters with other players, subject to a couple of restrictions.

(CCM) — Pokémon GO users are about to receive a huge update to the game which will introduce the ability to trade Pokémon with other players, Polygon is reporting.

The ability to swap monsters is a feature that has long been promised by Niantic, the company that makes the game, but finally the promise is being kept. The update will be available later this week.

The feature comes with two restrictions: it is only possible to swap Pokémon with players who are physically near each other, so online trading is impossible; and both players involved in a transaction must have reached level 10 in the game before they can make a trade. There is also a cost to each transaction, which is payable in stardust.

When monsters are traded, the new trainer can change the incoming creature's nickname. The stats of the Pokémon are also randomly changed, so a new Pokémon may not retain any of the high-powered stats that it had under its previous management, the report says.

Kirsten Koa, a Niantic software engineer, shed some light on the thinking behind these restrictions at E3. "Trading definitely changed a lot [from its original design], and we have to take a lot of safety considerations for players and also the safety for the game value,” she said. "We don’t want to devalue their effort by making trading so easy to complete your Pokédex."

Image: © amirraizat - Shutterstock.com